These words can be sung to "Ode to Joy" the European National Anthem. May these words be sung as a prayer to inspire your heart in believing God for a spiritual revival and outpouriing of the Holy Spirit that will suddenly make the work of God in Europe to go forward in each nation. Praise God.



For the gift of Christ our Saviour, Lord we give you thanks today

Joyfully we bow before Him Christ the Truth, the Life, the Way;

Saviour, Healer, and Baptizer for the church her Coming King,

Yesterday, today, forever He's the same in ev'rything.


As we gather as one body, many tribes and many tongues,

Bind us by your Spirit in us, mould us to be like your Son.

For our nations, Lord we ask Thee, pour out water on dry ground

Fill us, send us, lead us, guide us, may your Word in us resound!


For the living Word that feeds us, Lord we give you thanks today

For a fresh enduement Father, see us on the altar lay.

Cleanse us, heal us, purge and seal us with thy blessed Holy Ghost,

None but Thee can satisfy us; lead us as a mighty host.


Forging vessels of recov’ry, work in hearts and lives today,

Make the church of God your prophet, give us hearing ears we pray

Even as the first disciples, tarried in a room above,

See us waiting on your promise, send another Pentecost.

Heaven Sent REVIVAL

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