Candace Malcomson (BMus, M.A.)

Candace Malcomson was born in 1970 in South Africa where she graduated from the University of Natal with a BMus and followed a  successful career as Violinist and teacher. She immigrated to Ireland in A.D. 2000 to take up the post of Head of String Studies in Ireland’s leading Conservatoire of Music. Her professional career included numerous CD recordings, leading orchestras and string quartets, holding several positions as National and European Chairperson, lecturing, performing as concert violinist and orchestral conductor. She gained her M.A. in Orchestral Conducting with first class honours.

Having followed and loved Jesus Christ from a very early age, Candace always felt that the Lord would lead her in to full-time ministry one day.  God confirmed His call upon her life in 2006 which was the year she married preacher and author (Pentecostal Pioneers Remembered), Keith Malcomson, Director of School of Christ Europe. In July 2006 Candace resigned her position and turned down the many opportunities which had come to her for furthering her music career. Candace is now full time at Keith’s side assisting him in the running of the School of Christ as well as acting as his editor for his magazine articles and books. She also writes songs as the Lord gives them to her, plays the piano and leads worship as the need arises. Keith and Candace travel in Europe and the UK spending approximately two thirds of the year away ministering in churches across a broad spectrum of believers. 

Heaven Sent Revival

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